Oxytherapy Clinic Toronto
Why Oxytherapy Clinic?

Oxygen is vital for life. All our vital body and skin functions require it. Cells need a sufficient supply to convert energy and function efficiently. Today’s atmosphere and demands of our bodies, and especially cell division, suffer due to a lack of oxygen. Uniquely OXYjet delivers cosmetics and oxygen to exactly where we most need it, the bottom of the epidermis, the basal layer where we grow our new skin. Therefore to address skin problems we must nourish and replenish this area. Unlike conventional methods this is just what OXYjet does.
By using a scientifically proven method of pulsed oxygen we can finally offer a true alternative to cosmetic injections. Inventor and patent holder Lothar Bode, after many years of research has finally found a real solution for everyone looking for revolutionary method that offers real results without risk, side effects or pain

What is Oxyjet?

Nora Bode oxygen treatments following 20 years of research offer the ultimate in results for today’s busy lifestyles, whatever your needs or concerns OXYjet will offer a real solution. Using the latest bio-technical ingredients we combine the best of nature with the best of science.